Thursday, August 2, 2012

Inspiration / Lauren Conrad

                                                                     Bonjour a tous!

Today is my special inspiration- Lauren Conrad. Stylish actor,designer,writter..who is born in Laguna beach,California.
Do you ever wonder how she manages to build her own style? First of all if you love your body,love to wear great things and if you have just a little bit sense of fashion you can make it.
Of course everyone are different ( Thanx God ) :)) 
Fashion is like a game,play with it and you can make it your own style. I have to admit,stylish people inspire me and that´s great feeling to not copy anyone,but you mix a little bit of everything.
So I chose a few pictures of her and which i will wear and combinated.

One interesting thing about her is that she wrote a series of books.
Her first book "L.A: Candy" so great book,i have it and I plan to read all her books.
2´nd book " Sweet Little Lies"
3`rd book " Sugar and Spice"
4`th book " Lauren Conrad Style"
5`th book " The fame Game"
6`th book " Lauren Conrad Beuty"

If you want advice from Lauren, I recommend you buy the book and read.
Also she have her website,you can visit

                                                                        Her Books 

Enjoy reading The Charismatic One,


  1. Kombinacija na posljednjoj style slici mi je divna. Crna jaknica je just adorable!

  2. I love Lauren Conrad!
    Pratila sam The Hills i Laguna Beach samo zbog nje!
    A ove njene knjige su odlicne, imam te prve 4, a posebno volim Style, sad jos moram imati The Fame Game i Beauty i kolekcija je kompletna :)!


  3. Ona je meni super. Ima super stil. Uvijek uglađena i sve na svom mjestu. Ali ja nikada ne bih mogla biti ni blizu nešto kao ona. Više sam za taj "razbarušeni" stil nego za ovaj njen. Ali da je izvrsna izvrsna je!! :)

  4. Lauren je cijelom mom drustvu uvijek bila style icon jer smo svi pratili laguna beach i the hills.. Dodatno uz to nikad nije bila arogantna , nekako pravo duša uvijek :D

  5. Prelepa je i ima odličan stil :)

  6. Lauren Conrad je baš inspirativna. ;)

  7. great post.
    wow i look all your styles.

  8. Bas je divna i ima super stil :)


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