Thursday, July 30, 2015


                                                                  1. Here/ 2. Here / 3.Here/ 4. Here/

Since I'm on vacation,definitively I do not want that you wait for post. Outfits are in preparations,but I want to share my must have for Fall 2015. It's zara- madly in love.
I'll move on to the point, No 1. look is first on my shopping list-precisely it's about pants ,lov'in  70's style.
Look N0 2. all mine,but I'll get focus on boots and thin scarf .
Look No 3.  Lest's get partyyy--> but on the third list is one shoulder top
Look No 4. The Patchwork dress

                                                                          Thank you Zara

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

French Girl

   Wearing : Sunglasses - I Am / scarf from my mom/ t-shirt - H&M / skirt  - Street one / bag - Vintage / shoes- & other stories

This outfit make me feel like a french girl,Chic skirt with the stripe t-shirt,small scarf and one thing missing and that would be the beret. We are not yet ready for the winter right?
Since I try to be different every post, chameleon and totally me.
I love to combine basic clothes with trendy,that's how work best for my style

Ovaj outfit me daje osjecaj kao francuskinja koja nosi sik suknju sa prugastom majicom,marama oko vrata,ali definitivno jedna stvar nedostaje ,a to je beretka.
Da,ali  jos nismo spremni za zimske dane zar ne ?

S obzirom da nastojim da svaki post bude drugaciji,kameleonski i totalno ja.Volim da kombinujem basic stvari sa trendom ,Tako najbolje funkcijonise u mom stilu.

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