Monday, August 6, 2012

DIY / Floral Headband

                                                                    Bonjour a tous!

DIY time! I hope you had a great weekend.I was soooooo busy,10 days to go to Bosnia,Yuhuuuuu :)))
Really,a little bit was hard to put some outfit,DIY make it,prepared a fashion news,all 5 days was scheduled.
Today what i want to show you is floral headband.Lana Del Rey inspired me .
And I decided to make the outfit with a headband.
I wore everything from H&M top and black skirt,but shoes are my loveeee :))) 
I received a gift from husband .Shoes/ Louis Vuitton .

What you need: A super glue for everything (multi)
                       simple headband (i I recommend from canvas)
                       plastic flowers and and I used a needle and thread.

Put  headband in front of yourself , line up the plastic flowers. Start glueing and prepare a needle and thread.
Start to sow plastic flowers. And that´s it.
It wasn´t hard .Let me know if you make a floral headband and do not forget to follow me on my facebook page
and Twitter.

Let me know what you thing about floral headband and my outfit?!

with love,


    Odlican DIY, to je i jedan od mojih sljedecih :)


  2. Such a lovely post, I love your blog¡¡
    Take a look and if you want we can follow each others:


  3. Divna ideja za ovo s cvijecem. Obavezno cu da probam :)

  4. Divna ideja za ovo s cvijecem. Obavezno cu da probam :)

  5. you look BEAUTIFUL


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