Tuesday, February 28, 2017

10 things you don't know about me

 " Nothing was promised to me,but I promised to myself I would make it and make it BIG!"

1. Happy married - I am so greatfull that I have a wonderful husband and my little princess,they are my support.
2. I played twelve years Folklore- my another passion 
3. My mother wanted me to learn to play the piano like my sister,but for me was to boring so I wanted more action and I went to play a Latin Dance - which lasted for two years (my goal was to reach internationl Latin dance competition and I did it! )
4. From Astrological side I'm double aries - A fire!! 
5. My favourite online stores are : Zara,Mango,Net a Porter,Acne Studios,H&M,Celine...
 6. I love to meditate 
7.Another passion is generaly  hip- hop/ pop  - music,dance,rhythm,energy (it's my fitness)
8. I have a few motivational mentors - Bob Proctor,Tony Robbins and Ana Bucevic
9.  I have interese on Interior design
10. I love fashion!!!

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