Monday, August 19, 2013

5 min.with / Wendy H.Gilmour

Finally new interview! She is interesting,charismatic,stylish,dog walker.
.."Always dress for you.  Decide your style and find the shapes which suit you.  That way you can adapt trends to suit but always look good in them. "

Let's meet her!

TCO: Can you tell to my readers about yourself?
W: I am a fashion loving, multi-tasking, dog walking, style blogger from Scotland, UK.

TCO : How would you describe your personal style?
W: 75% classic, 25% fashion victim - I like to keep up with the latest trends but stick mainly to clean lines and block colours which suit my shape and style, just adding in an 'on trend' piece here or there.



TCO: Why did decide to make a fashion blog?
W: Thankfifi was born from the encouragement of a friend, over coffee and a long chat about all our favourite blogs.  She said that if I started one she would read and so I did.  Her name is Fi and so the blog had to be called Thankfifi

TCO : What are some of your favorite clothing store / website?
W: Wow, there are so many incredible designers out there but the high street holds my heroes - Zara, Gap, Reiss and Mango.  I love Australian designers right now so Camilla & Marc, Ellery, Dion Lee and Josh Goot are on my dream list.

TCO : Where do you find inspiration for the outfit ?
W: From so many places!  Usually a look will start with one piece, whether a dress or something obscure like a hat and I'll build the whole look around it.  Of course as a fashion blogger there's a pressure to never wear the same look twice so I'm always trying to come up with new ways to style old pieces.  If I'm really stuck I always check out Pinterest for some inspiration. 

TCO : What do you think why your blog has a unique content that people have to read?
W:Well I'd have to say that MrK, my super cute furry sidekick, is a big pull for people - about half the comments I receive on my posts are not about fashion at all but about the dog!  Of course I'd love to believe it's my amazing style and way of putting pieces together... but really it's the dog.

TCO: Can you tell some advice or message to my readers?
W: Always dress for you.  Decide your style and find the shapes which suit you.  That way you can adapt trends to suit but always look good in them. 

Thank you so much Wendy for your time and i know my readers will love to know you.

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  1. Ajna Zukic - Pastel ParadisAugust 19, 2013 at 11:34 PM

    Super post!
    Bas je lijepa djevojka i ima prelijepog psa!


  2. Great job Ilvana,i love her style <3

  3. Great post. :)

    Kisses ♥

  4. Good interview! Love Wendy's style :)


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