Monday, October 8, 2012

" The Eye" bracelet

  Bonjour a tous!

          Completed bracelet

    DIY time! I hope you had good weekand ,I  have a lot of pictures to share with you about open air fashion show in Rosenehim,so stay tune!

Today is my lovely diy bracelet,which i made and i didn´t want called "the evil eye" by itself sounds scary.

What you need: - elastic thread
                        - beads (any color you want)
                        - pendant i  chose

Very easy to make .First take in elastic thread a pendant and than put beads from both sides and make a knot.
That´s it,you make wonderful cool bracelet,which you can combine with everything.

If you make bracelet like this  or similar,just let me know.

what you think about bracelet?

  with love,



  1. Super je narukvica, volim tvoj DIY!

  2. Home-made je uvijek najbolje, napravis sebi nesto jedinstveno!
    DIY for life!
    Samo naprijed!!!


  3. Umjetnice jedna, uvijek pravis tako lijep nakit!


  4. Hvala vam na divnim komentarima ! :-*****


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