Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Press / My interview in Mondo

   Bonjour a tous!

                                                my favour outfits in this interview

      First of all i want to thank the wonderful journalist who wrote the interview.She is Erna Saljevic.About her you can find on twitter and facebook, Here you can check interview!

It was so interesting,for those who do not understand the Bosnian, I will translate some of the sentences from the interview.

"When it comes to styles, the key word is - combination"  
 Do not have a clearly defined styles that I wear exclusively, but I prefer the comfortable things that are in line with my body and my personality. Combines sporting and elegant pieces of clothing as well as elegance and glamor.

Ilvana us admitted that she did not met with negative publicity"
In Bosnia it is possible to achieve that you are different and people are drawn to you for who you are, but the people with us are prone to envy."

This is one of the sentences from the interview that I have translated to English, if you want to read the entire interview go to the Dictionary.com and this is it.

For those who have already read the interview, I hope it gives liked?

           with love ,

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