Monday, September 24, 2012

DIY / New shirt

                                                                               Bonjour a tous!

  Combination with Black DIY shirt

Here is what you need:

Happy Monday! Finally i coludn´t wait to show you how to make from old shirt to new one!
I took my old Mango shirt and thinking what to do with it.Also I collect old jewelry in case to  have an idea to make a DIY.

The best think i had is hot glue gun,reall not expensive,but it is good to have in my DIY collection.
So what i did is old earings stuck on the ends of the collar and cutt it 2 small gold beads and glue it too .And that is.
My Mango shirt have new look and i am satisfied.Also you can see one of combination with shirt.

What do you think about this DIY?
woth love,



  1. heheh baš je cool ideja, moram probat :**

  2. Big like. Bas si me inspirisala, odoh odmah da se bacim na kakav DIY :)


  3. Prava si inspiracija. I svidja mi se ovaj outfit, hlace su divne uz ovu kosuljicu :)

  4. Odusevljena sam ovom idejom za kosulju!

  5. I saw you on bloggers :) and i'm glad i clicked on your blog! you have DIY and fashion stuff <3 I'm following you!

    Please check mine too:
    I hope we can be blogging buddies! :D


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