Monday, September 17, 2012

DIY / Chanel Earings

     Bonjour a tous!

    Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had great weekend as much i had.Summer  is leaveing me :(.
 I have to admit that fall isn´t  my favorite time of year,but what can i do,Just adapt to.
I went shopping for boots and I found a very interesting boots, but in another post i´ll show you.
So DIY time! Also i went to jewlery shop to find something new or interesting.I did not have anything specific to look for, I wanted to be cool or unusual.And when I saw the chanel pendants, I immediately bought them, but I was thinking what to do.I had not thought of the bracelet, but I wanted to make earrings.

What you need: - chanel pendant, jump rings ,round pliers and hook.

So what do you think abou earings?

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