Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Look of the day / black top and jeans

                                                                       Bonjour a tous!

I wore: sunglasses/ Yves Rocher, necklace/ DIY, top / H&M, pants / Röter, bag / Takko, shoes / Deichman

Although i´m busy,I do not want to miss the posting.I have to say i dont like black when it´s sunny and 
 generally black in the summer,But when I found this gorgeous top from H&M, I just had to wear fot the photo shooting!
I have to admit that I even bought a top 2 years ago:) it´s great feeling when you bought something years ago and  
find, and even use in the right moment like this :) 
One more thing i have to tell you on my Facebook page is my online store"Shop my Clothes" for now it´s only for Bosnia and when i back to Germany will be international online shop!! 
Don´t forget to LIKE my Facebook page and it will be fun and a lot of giveaways 

before i go,can you tell me what you think about this outfit?

                How They Wore It...

with love, 


  1. Imamo iste Schnürpumps <3
    Odlican look!

    <3 :**

  2. Love the putfit! and the shoes just made it look so ellegant :)

  3. Kad bih mogla da biram, izabrala bih Fashion writer !
    Just adorable :)



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