Friday, August 17, 2012

Ready to travel

                                                                  Bonjour a tous!

Before i go on  the trip, I want to share with you how it looks when I Packing. I´ll stay 3 weeks in Bosnia and really i can´t wait :)). but other side it takes 8 hours to come:(  wisk me good luck!
Here you can see my bag, accessorizes and make up box and in the second i forot to take picture of shoes,they are a lot of :))))),but you´ll forgive me right? ;)
I´ll also try to write regulary posts ;)

i wish you a great weekend and Eid Mubarek



  1. Sretan ti put! U iščekivanju sam B&H postova :)...
    Želim sve najljepše tebi i tvojim najdražima za Bajramske praznike!

  2. U so lucky u going away!! :) will forgive u for not sharing the pic with ur shoes! :)

  3. Great!!


  4. good luck! and have lots of fun!



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