Monday, August 27, 2012

DIY / Egyptian Collar

                                                                                 Bonjour a tous!

    Completed collar

After 1 week of holiday and without internet was really unusual.I can say that i´m happy to be near my familly.Weather is craaaaazy,i thing here in Bosnia is desert heat:)))
Today is first blog post from Bosnia and very interesting DIY i called" Egyptian Collar.watching the documentary series about Egypt and their culture for the umpteenth time and they are always interesting.

You need: - Collar( i made before)
               - scissors
              - old necklace
              - glue( for everything)

First i put beads from old necklace to collar to see how will look like and than started to glue it.After that i left overnight to dry.

And that´s it,if you try to make this collar let me know ;)

with love ,


  1. Mila, pa nema te nigdje :)
    Odlicno si ovo napravila...


  2. evo me draga moja,malo odmora od interneta i bloga,ali vratila sam seee ;) i hvala ti :-*

  3. Ingenious... I love the collar <3 really cool


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