Monday, July 2, 2012

DIY / Red Heart bracelet

                                                                      Bonjour a tous!

          First I put 14 beads, then added the heart and put the other 14 bead.And I repeated the same procedure.

             Make a strong knot that keeps the bracelet
           Bracelet completed!

It´s Monday and DIY time!!! :)) Hi lovely,how was your summer weekend?
I had great weehend with my familly and friends.As the summer came ,these heat are crazyness,so
i went to the swimming pool..))
Ok enough about what i did in the weekend,..

Red heard bracelet-this inspiration i got from IN style magazine,just similar bracellet.
Well my plan is to somehow be unique and make my TCO brand.

You need : elastic thread
                  Red Beads
                 Red Heart

And i whis you a great start a new week,


  1. Super je, odlična ideja i jednostavno za napraviti :)

  2. Hvala ti Ducili,jest jako je jednostavno za napraviti.;)


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