Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Atelier Versace Haute Couture Fall 2012

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Two nights ago at Paris Fashion Week has begun,Atelier Versace after 7 years break, she is again made a fantastic fashion show..
So sexy, strong, selfconfident,In addition to the materials made the prints for a futuristic Note: From tarot card readings Himmelskorpermotive inspired patterns, as well as substances and they are about this stuff is. The color palette seemed a evening sky equal and shone in delicate rose, various shades of blue and Sunshine Yellow.
The prominent front row, including Jessica Alba, Christian Hendricks, M. I.A. , Anna dello Russo, Franca Sozzani and Anna Wintour, however, still had plenty of opportunity to celebrate the collection: after the show invited Donatella to a dinner at a "L'Espadon" and the subsequent After-Show -Party.
The collection is really great and enjoy reading and picture show,

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