Monday, June 25, 2012

DIY / Yellow earings

     earings complited

                                                                        Bonjour a tous! ( Hi everyone)

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How was your weekend my lovely readers?Sunny or raining? Here in Rosenheim weekend was so hot that i with my hubby and my little princes went to swimming pool and i can say that was the greatest ideat that we could done.:)
But today it´s raining and temperature reduced to 14 degree. :( 
First i want to tell you this Eiffel tower i got from my sister when she was in Paris so great background for my DIY projeckt.
Yellow earungs i made them i would not throw.Becouse the gold color started to peel.
And i just painted over them in a neon yellow color. And one thing the name of nail polish is exatclly like my daughters name :)) UMA
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