Friday, June 22, 2012

Inspiration / All about Peplums

   Peplim top trend Armani 2012

Which one is your favour?

Peplum dress or top or shirt?

    This is my favour combination

and this too,what you think?

                                                                      Hi everyone!

You must be happy,it´s friday. Today is my inspiration peplums and i´ll tell you all about how you can wear it,in which the best combination match.
Before this year,a lot of people had never heard of the word peplum.
A peplum is a short overskirt that is usually attached to a fitted jacket,blouse or dress and it´s one of the hottest trend this summer.
it´s stylish option for a job interview or anything that requires a more professional look.
For my opinion peplums match wit shirt and skinny trausers.
What ever you want to make combination,you´ll look  trendy, sophisticated and elegant.
my taste of accessoires is put one,but worth or combine with cool different bracelet and rings.
If you want it to have one of these peplums in your wardrobe you can buy it in H&M which i have one, ASOS , Orsay..
So tell me which one is your best combination with peplum?

have a great weekend,with love


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