Wednesday, April 25, 2012

look of the day / feel like a sailor

                                                                            Hi everyone!

I love this nail polish!:)

These pictures are from last week,and only one day was sunny.And i immediately used for photo shooting.
I think in every picture you can see even a small red accents. I love red color( i said thet before) but what can i do just it´s me.You can reconize me only in red.That´s my symbol.
Cant wait for vacation. And precisely this combination to wear and walk to the sea. :))
Last summer i was in Croatia ,the place is Crikvenica. They calling a small Monaco here you can check.
the beach is great.....ooooh i wanna it now :((

So why i´m telling you this,it´s this combination reminde me to the sea.:))
What you think?



  1. Cute outfit! I've been really enjoying the combination of blue and red lately. That skirt is adorable too. I feel inspired to look like a sailor too!

  2. Thank you Alissa.I love this combinatin so much and specialy a red color. ;)

  3. Cute outfit. I love the scarf. I found your blog on Blog Trends:) i think it's very nice.


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