Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Beuty / Yves Rocher

                                                                           Hi everyone!

Last weekend i got a package from yves rocher. I´m really glad that i´m a member of this beuty company.
Few years ago i used this cosmetic in Bosnia,but for sure i can say that not even clouse like this in Germany.

My skin is sensitive,that´s why i´m choosing a lot of products,i cant take every thing.
If you want to be a member too i suggest this cosmetic company is perfect for you.
I guarantee,you will not regret.

Here are my products i order:

      This is milk for cleaning + lotion for face

     peeling for face

  Hand cream

    lip gloss


 Only i can say have a great day i´m going to put some yves rocher make up ;)


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