Friday, April 6, 2012

Inspiration / Elisa Nalin

                                                                         Hi everyone!

Today i decide to write a very interesting post. I´m represent a very charismatic person.
My best friend told me that i´m look just like her,her style,but specialy my hair .
And i´m thankful of that compliment and i´m writting this post to my friend ;)
So you probably asking who is, and also you can guess couse it´s writteing on title of the blog.


  Hailing from Verona,Elisa studied classical art and humanities before moving to Milan to
 study fashion design at the Instituto Europeo del Designe.
 After graduating,she snagged a job straight aut of school at Italian fashion director at Samsonite
for their shoe line,a job which transformed her into a self confessed "shoe freak"

Asking her how would she describe her look and answer was:
E: Well i would say....happy! Colourful,unexpected,textured,but always elegant.
I love to play with clothes and i´m not afraid of fashion faux pas.

Why do you think brands pick you to style their campaigns?

E: I think lately for my very specific sense of colour and for my very personal sense of style.
I ´ve also been told that i have a very wide comprehension of fashion due to my different expiriences in the business.

where do you buy most of your clothes?

E: I buy a looooot of vintage! At local flea markets,mostly.Plus i go press sales!
My favourite are  Dries Van Noten, Pierre Hardy and Louboutin.

Which blogs do you read for inspiration?

E: I honestly do follow Garance Dore who is a good friend of mine and always makes me laugh when i read her post,than also The Sartorialist,jak and jil, streetpeeper..

So dear my readers i hope you enjoying in reading and check  out those blogs maybe you can finde interesting things.

with love,Ilvana


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