Thursday, April 5, 2012

DIY / TCO necklace

                                                                        Hi everyone!

I was busy these days and finally want to share with you my DIY necklace.
In the last post i told you that i´ll show you my ideas so this is the first one.
Also i have to tell you that is a perfect time for a shopping :)) and i make it that too.
So in my next post will show you soooooooo lovely thing ( that´s why i´m so happy)
 You probably asking yourself what is TCO and that is the name of my blog( The Charismatic One)
So my creativity ;) it wasn´t hard to make it. just watch and enjoy.

1. Jewelry round  and pointed pliers
2. cutter
3. pen

1. chain
2. wire

     1. step:  with jewelry cutter  cut 4 cm of wire to make a 2 rings. Those wire you have to rounded over the pen and you´ll got the rings.

   And when you done with rings , now you have to exhibit your creativity and in what form you will shape.
   I made this form:

    And then put the chain on the rings and that´s it.





Thank you sooo much for reading my blog,you make me happy.And i
hope you understand that i won´t allow any offensive or unobjective comments.
Any other comments are welcome. If you have any questions just send me email
I heart you

with love,Ilvana

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