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5 min. with / Dasha Gajic

"I always try to find positive things, for example people who have charm and positive attitude towards life."
                                   If you have all these characteristics ,her camera will catch you definitely !
                                         She is very talented photographer,let's meet her!

Fotka Dasha Gajic
                                                                  Dasha Gajic

TCO : . Hi dear, can you tell  my readers about yourself? 
D: My name is Dasha Gajic. I was born and raised in Banja Luka.  Even though  I have a  BA in Political Science and a MA in Gender Studies, life or  destiny  led me to photography, which is not only my job, but also my biggest passion.

TCO : . When  you started doing Photography?
D: I grew up surrounded by artists and I  was always encouraged to express myself creatively.
In 2001 I had my first group photo exhibition, but it took me almost a decade to realize that photography is my life. In 2010 and 2011 I became more involved in photography, but 2012 was definitely my year photography wise and the rest is history.
Now I am 100% focused on street style photography, but also I am involved in other photography genres, such as portrait photography.

TCO : What are you looking for specifically for a shot, what do you most attracted to?
D: I always try to find positive things, for example people who have charm and positive attitude towards life. Sometimes I am impressed by someone’s smile, sometimes by someone’s stunning outfit. It really depends, but I am never led by current trends or mainstream thinking. I just follow my instincts and my heart, in photography, but also in life.

                                                           STREET STYLE by Dasha Gajic



TCO : How would you describe your personal style?
D: I would say a mix of  everything or to be more precise indie meets casual meets minimalist black with rock and punk elements. I adore leather jackets, black coats, Dr Martens shoes, but also elegant blouses and trousers. I tend that my outfits have  rocker-boho-chic" vibe.
My style inspiration: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen!   I just love their collection for Bik-Bok, which is one of my favorite Scandinavian brands.

TCO : And here is my personal question, as a photographer, what do you like most on my outfit?
D: I really like your blog and your outfit posts. As a street style photographer, if I saw you on the street, I would approach you and ask you for a photograph. Your style is colorful, charming and it radiates with positive energy.


Thank you so much for your time and for the latest answer!!I wish you all the luck in the future work!
                      My lovely readers,after this interview check fast her Facebook Page !

                                                             Till next interview!



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