Monday, June 24, 2013

5 min. with / Milna Mandusic

Happy Monday Fashionistas!  Here is another interesting interview.Such a lovely,charismatic,stylish fashio blogger.
Let's meet her!

TCO : Welcome to The Charismatic One blog and thank you for your time. Can you tell to my readers who is Milna?
M: It’s hard to describe oneself, and I prefer to have other people tell the story about me. But I am a 24 year old girl. I play the piano. I have a master’s degree in civil engineering. I love my family, mu puppy and my friends, and I am a life lover so I am in love with the whole world. On bad days I hate the world :)

TCO : Why did you decide to make fashion blog?
M : To tell you honestly, I was very limited in expressing myself before I started writing my blog. I felt that I had no creative outlet for my thoughts and ideas. But I had sooo much to say and tell the world. So with the support of my friends and family I started my blog, and it felt so good that MY voice was being heard.


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TCO :  how would you describe your personal style?
M: I can’t really describe it in one sentence. It’s really a mix of glamour, elegance, urban and boho with a touch of femininity. I love colors, and mixing them.

TCO : .What let you to write about / be involved in the world of fashion blogs?
M: There is no particular reason. I just like to use fashion to present myself in the best way possible. Also I wanted to share my outfits with other girls for inspirational purposes. And I wanted to document my style in an outfit diary.




TCO : What would be your ultimate dream job?
M: Since I’ve finished university and being a civil engineer, my ultimate dream job has nothing to do with fashion and style. I’d like one day to build landmarks like bridges and leave my mark on the earth surface. And also I’d like one day to be a great mom to my children.

TCO : .Who or what has been your greatest fashion influence?
M: Fashion influence – my mom definitely. It might be cheesy but she carries all the values and morals that make any woman beautiful and stylish.

TCO : What current fashion trends do you like the most at the moment?
M: I am in love with crop tops/bra lets at the moment. Paired with maxi skirts you get a nice boho look or with a mini high waisted skirt for a more sexy look.
Also I adore colors, and the neon trend justifies my urge to throw on a bunch of colors.

TCO: And in the end , Can you tell some advice or message to my readers so they can build their own blog / site?
M: If you are interested in opening your blog, and having a successful one, you need to be persistent and offer something different on your blog. With the right stage and the right voice, there is no limit to the size of your audience. However, getting your blog seen or read isn’t always that easy. You have to put in blood, sweat and tears to say the least. But if it is a labor of love, it wills surely be noticed!

Thank you Milna for your time ,it was great to have you on my blog.So my lovely readers after interview go and check her wonderful blog and get some inspiration!

                                                                 Till next interview!



  1. Waoo koja cast!
    Hvala ti od srca! <3 <3

  2. Kombinacije sa sorcevima su mi odlicne!

  3. Moja sreca divna, najdivnija ;). Kakvo zadovoljstvo poznavati vas obje :******

  4. Nasa ljepotica :) Bravo za post!

  5. Odlican post! Volimo vas obje vala :*

  6. Hey,
    wow! This outfits are amazing.

  7. Ma predivna Milna, superwoman!

    M. :*

  8. Odličan post. Svaka čast. Volim ovu ženu<3

  9. hahaa.. ti samoprozvani novinar lafo intervjuises onda intervjuisi neku stvarno poznatu osobu ili lakse, poznatu blogerku!

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