Monday, June 17, 2013

5 min. with / Marta Purrinos

Hello my Fashionistas! I had honor to talk with very fashionable blogger.I can guarantee her style will inspiring your.
Let's meet her!

TCO : Hello!Can you tell to my readers about yourself?
M. My name is Marta Purri├▒os and currently I am studying  Tourism, although a few years ago I started in the world of fashion as a Fashion Stylist and Personal Shopper. I like to take risks in my life, innovate and make every day different from the one before, and I am able to do so little by little with my new Project, ADDICT BE ICONIC

TCO : That's great,so we are colleagues (in tourism) and also when it comes to fashion.
           My readers want to know how do you desribe your personal style?
M. My personal style are just my emotions and feelings. I like being chameleon-like and taking different styles to make them mine. I like to learn and observe what goes on around me, so I always try to take the best of everything, and I think that is reflected in my style, which is personalized with chic touches and changes, although I must confess that a good suit jacket and pants are the best.


TCO : I have to say that i agree with you,the best way to look great is how you feel.And definitively inspiring.Also I know why did you decide to make a fashion blog,but my readers don't!?
M.  I think everything tastes better when you work for it and not when you are given it.give it away, I think the blog is the best platform to show who I am, what I like and to inspire many people who are faced deal with the problem of what to wear every day. I also think it is a great opportunity where converge my feelings, my opinions and the talent of designers, as well as brands and stores where that they find in it an opportunity to present their products in a real way. I love knowing to feel that I can reach people and convey what I have inside.


DSC_0467-ed - copia

TCO : I think many of fashion blogger want to know , why your blog has a unique content that people have to follow you and read?
M: Reliable and updated content, real-time feedback, illusion. A unique aesthetic and fun.

TCO: And that's why I read your blog! Your combinations are great,and what are some of your favorite clothing store / website?
M : These are the ones I most love: 


TCO : Thank you for sharing your websites.What about inspiration,where do you find inspiration for the outfit ?
M:   I find inspiration in the pages of Streetstyle, like The Sartorialist, Gary Pepper Vintage and other pages that chance encounter I find by chance, especially from some fashion stylists as Ninistyle.

TCO : i understand you completely.And I'm so happy to have you on my blog.And the end,Can you tell some advice or message to my readers?
M:    One should never lose the passion that  feels for certain things, you have to fight forever, because there's always a reward.

Thank you again Marta for your time and it's great to meet you.So my lovely readers,after this interview go to Addict be Iconic and be inspired as much as i am.

                                                          Till next interview!




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