Friday, January 4, 2013

January favor


I think you´ve recognized a new header on y blog.Finally this is what i want that my blog looks.
New year,new header and i hope you like it as much i do.?

Here i want to show you my favors:

1.wish list: White bags from H&M - and i want it in my closet :))
If you read a magazine or online magazine,watch TV is white color in Spring 2013.So i´ve picked for myself 2 type of bags.

2.wearing: i never wore a white pants,somehow it looks you have to be careful which type of panties you have to wear or thong bikini.So i´ve choose a leather white pants also from H&M - and they are on sale :))can´t wait to wear them.

3.Home : I need something new,fresh and fashionable for my office(where i´m blogging)
and i searched on interned and i´ve found a pretty cool fashion wallpaper.Inspired me sooo much ,that i have to buy it.Already i have some idea where to put.

4.Favor accessorise: Most important part of my style is accessorise.Earlier when i had a short hair,I used to wear earrings,but now i´m more crazy about necklaces.So again my favor store H&M gives me a wonderful earrings and necklaces for disposition. and

5. Obsession : I think every girl on this planet have shoes obsession (like i do) My presentation of obsession it looks like this"I WANT THEM NOW".
source : H&MMy,ASOS,

6. Search: 2 months ago i´ve been searching for this blazer.And i´m looking for the perfect white one.
and if you have some idea where to buy or to looking for,just please let me know.Would mean a lot to me!?

Feel free to follow me on facebook page for more inspiration;)
What do you think about my January favor and what is your??

                                                                    xoxo I.


  1. Draga, mnogo mi se dopada nova cover, i post je odlican, divan izbor, xoxo

  2. ...I da, bijeli blazer mozes pronaci u Mangu, ja sam tamo kupila odlican, ako jos negdje ugledam, saljem info ;)

    1. Gledala sam i ja u Mangu,ali nije to TO.Salji info ako sta nadjes:-*

  3. Ja sam sebi već napravila H&M wishlist, sad samo čekam da idem negdje :) Još kako su ova sniženja, visim na stranici i balim.


  4. Love all the items!

  5. header mi se pravo svidja,bas mi je artistic...a i stvari su mi sve super,ja kad pocnem pravit te wishliste nema mi kraja :D,naravno pratim te

  6. Novi header je fantastican, mnogo mi se dopada. A sto se wishlist tice, moj favorit cu cepele - presavrsene su !


  7. super listica :) cipelice su savrsene :)


  8. Hi lovely blog :)
    if you like we can follow each other

    Pieces of Me... Nicky

  9. yes of course honey ;) i'm following you know and please follow me back. KISS

  10. I ja volim ovu prvu torbu iz H&M :D

    Pratim i hvala na poseti :)

  11. I love the new header...very stylish.
    Do you want to follow each other?

  12. Hvala na posjeti mom blogu :) Pratimo se :) Odlican izbor!

  13. I definitely have a mild shoe obsession. Beautiful choices for january!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog, I'm following - would love it if you followed back! :)

  14. I like 4, both necklaces are lovely♥
    Thanks so much to have stopped in my blog! Of course we can follow each other, i'm following you now, hope you follow me back :)

  15. Lovely blog!! Would you like to follow each other? xx,

  16. What a great post! Love them all, can't choose my fav xD

  17. love white clothes and love your summary!

  18. Hi, thanks for the comment! Of course I'd like to follow each other! :)
    Love your wishlist, especially the shoes (all of them).
    xoxo Lana - A Pretty World

  19. Thanks for your comment, I'm following you now on bloglovin and GFC!
    I'm selling those shoes for €20! The original price was €55 and I never wore them, so they're brand new :)


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