Monday, October 1, 2012

DIY / Statment Corral

                                                                     Bonjour a tous!

           Unfinished collar

  Inspiration !


 Statement corral is a very interesting piece of jewelry or accessoire.To me ,inspired me a statment corral from Olivia palermo collection,as you can see 2 nd picture as inspiration.
unfortunately I did not complete it, but I want to share with you today diy.But for sure will show you next monday DIY.

 What you need : -collart patent
                         - fabric material
                        - scissors
                        - hot glue gun
                        - old necklace

I am curious and I would like to know what you think about statment corral?

    with love,


  1. Bas si divno iskombinovala i napravila, svidja mi seee a lot!

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  3. Predivna je. Bas mi se dopada. Trebala bi da pocnes sa nekim vlastitim DIY shopom :)


  4. Hvala ti Midheta,imam vec svoj mali shop,ali uskoro cu i prosiriti sa vama blogerkama ;) :-*


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