Monday, October 29, 2012

DIY / Accessories for jackets

                                                                   Bonjour Ă  tous !

                       Completed accessories

I hope you  had great weekend! Today as usual DIY time!In Germany started snowing and it´s pritty cold :))
For me it´s a little bit hard to make combination in wintter then in summer.
So i´ve decided to make somethink to be cool,in color and usefull. From my very,very old skirt i´ve made accessories for  jackets.

What you need:  Old skirt
                        -  Needle and thread or sewing machine
                        - elastics 
                        - rivets

When you cut skirt vertically ,if you cut large, as in me that´s perfect to get great size of accessories.
I hand-stitched by hand and put elastic bands and hand-stitched them to the side and put the rivets that can buckle.And that´s it,

If you make something like this just let me know !

with love,


  1. Hvala ti Borjana,i meni se svidjelo kako je sve to ispalo i mogu ti reci super detalj za zimsko doba!


  2. Special, jedva cekam da vidim kako izgleda kada se nosi. xoxo

  3. odlicna je ideja!:D ja sam isto tako izrezala donji dio midi suknje i dodala ga na struk i u konacnici dobila peplum suknju :) tako da taj dodak mozes koristiti i na taj nacin :)



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