Thursday, September 13, 2012

Inspiration / Victoria Beckham

                                                                Bonjour a tous!

   Picture from Glamour magazine

                             Victoria with Anna Wintour

                           Her Fall Collection  fashion week in New York

She is a designer of  the week! I have to admit i love her style and clothes too.
So sophisticated,elegant. As you know,fashion week in New York was successfully for her.
when they are on the blog fashion news,it will be her collection.
If you didn´t know by now that all wore her creations,i´ll tell you:
Kelly Rowland,Olivia Palermo,Jennifer Lopez,Michelle Williams,Cameron Diaz....

What do you think about her creations?
       with love,



  1. great inspirations... allready pinned some!

  2. Thanx girls for your comments.I love her too.She inspire me.

  3. Ona je za mene jedna jako inspirativna zena! Odabrala si divne slike na kojima i nije toliko mrsava, kako je ona to ustvari :)



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