Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Interview / Hanneke Verstegen

                                                                              Hi everyone!

Today is my sooo special,interesting,stylish and of course charismatic guest blogger.
She is Hanneke Veregen from this blog
So here is my interview with her :

  Me: Hi Hanneke,can you tell to my readers about yourself?
  H:  I'm a 29 year old designer and stylist living in a historic city in the south of the Netherlands. Five years ago I graduated  Fashion Academy and I started working as a denim designer. Fashion is my number one passion but I also love traveling, cooking, drinks and diner with friends/family and exercising.

 Me:  .  why did you start writeing a blog?
H :  I started my blog because I wanted a space were I can share my vision on fashion, with no one to tell me what's right and what's wrong. It's also the perfect excuse to spend more time in my walk-in-closet to try out new outfits and rediscover old ones. 

Me : where do you find inspiration?
H :  I'm a big fan of other fashion-blogs, they are the best inspiration for real-life fashion. And I'm also a huge fan of fashion-magazines. Vogue, Elle, Glamour, Grazia and any other fashion-magazine I can get my hands on. 

 Me:  how would you describe your style?
H:  I think feminine covers the biggest part. I love to wear high heels and lady-like pieces, dresses, striped tops and jackets are also a staple in my wardrobe. In winter-time I love to wear black and in summer-time it's all about colors for me. I love to wear a simple outfit, like a skinny jeans and a simple shirt and spice it up with a big chunky necklace, high heels and a statement bag.
Me:   what is your advice about blogging?
H : Make sure it's already a hobby because it takes a lot of time to maintain a blog. And always stay true to yourself and your own style, thats what makes you unique and separates your blog from all the other ones.

I agree with you totaly and thank you so much for your time.I love your style,your blog.
So my charismatic readers i recommend to visit and follow her blog and you can find a lot of interesting outfits and style tipps.

Enjoy reading,ilvana 




  1. fabulous outfits, i adore your dress :)
    would you like to follow each other?


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