Monday, January 16, 2012

Golden globe 2012

                                                                  Hi everyone!

Last night, i watched the Golden Globe award,well it was late at my time in Germany was 2pm :))).actresses, models, singers, designers were wonderful on the red carpet, I enjoyed watching,Although it was late in the evening.
I liked the most  Michelle Williams in a Jason Wu creation,the most interestings were Emma Stone,Jessica Alba,Nicole Kidman,Heidi Klum...
Madonna did not look bad, although it won the award for best song.
Kelly Osburne in Zac Posen dress look good,but her hair colour was awful;It looked like an old lady with gray hair.
There is some of my pictures which i prefer:
                                                 Emma Stone /  Lanvin

                                                  Michelle Williams / Jason Wu

                                                  Nicole Kidman / Versace

                                                  Jessica Alba / Gucci

                                                  Angelina Jolie/ Atelier Versace

                                                        Mila Kunis / Christian Dior

That`s all for me today,enjoy reading

        with love,Ilvana


  1. Hey there, lovely blog. Would be happy if you visit also mine.
    Best, SH

  2. Hi girls,great blog both of you and i'm already follow you;)

  3. Wow... Emma Stone looks stunning! The cream Versave dress has an interesting look to it!
    Thanks for sharing darling <3

  4. Hi dear,i'll agree with you too
    She is lovely.
    Thanx a lot for reading;)


  5. najbolju haljinu imala Mila Kunis!


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