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1. Prime and Fine pore Refining and Anti-Shane Base  2. Ooh lala Lift 3. Mac Foundtion nw 15 4. Eyebrow style set -Essence  5. Uma Cosmetic 6. Highlighter Pen 7. Ultimate Lash MultimizerVolume Mascara Black 8. Feel good mineral compact blush -P2 9. Hhol Kajal Eyeliner.

Hi guys! I decided to write a post of my every day make up. These links I just wrote that to keep the sequence. I called No make up - make up. So I'll start with primer from Catrice ( link 1. ) .The high quality primer,no shine,pore refining and it's the best with benefit ooh lala lift ( link 2.)  in combination.Somehow supplement my face before applying foundation.
And when it comes to foundation,to be honest using BBcream from Garnier,maybelline 105 .
I like to change by mood. :))So today is Mac foundation ( link 3.) Of course your face is perfectly after use and simply shines. After the foundation, tidy my eyebrows with essence eyebrow set.(link 4.) You know, You can buy it at any drugstore and I am very satisfied.Uma cosmetic,sounds funny to me.because my daughter called :),and I decided that a try.Just love it.Nude eye pallete ,I have long sought.(link 5.)
Oh,highlighter.Love it,love it.Catrice cosmetics makes me so happy.This pen it's awsome,I'm using cheeck,under eyebrow and lips(link 6.).For me, the multifunctional..The mascara time- if you really want long lashes, i recommend,this Catrice multimizer volume,with one move you lashes are perfect,does not create lumps.(link 7).
And for the end,P2 mineral compact blush (link 8.) and Manhattan kajal eyeliner-white (link 9.)

If you have any idea to try some other cosmetic products, make sure that you write.



  1. Ti si prava ljepotica

  2. Hej mila,mozes li mi reci sta tacno sluzi highlighter? :-***

  3. Benefit je zakon! Lepa si.


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