Monday, October 14, 2013

Shop new Mango collection


       1. Sweater with Polka Dot maxi, 2. Metallic shoulder bag, 3. Bracelet with metal elements,
       4.Baggy pants, 5. Crystal earrings, 6.Penny Loafer leather

 1. shirt  2.Blazer houndstooth patterns,3.Ankle boots,4. Skirt ,5.Necklace,
6.Mirrored sunglasses,7. Bag 

Hi Fashionistas! Yees,it's finally Monday and I couldn't wait anymore.Why? It's because of this fantastic new Mango collection.Have you seen it already?Such an amazing items have  arrived and in same time I'm a little bit confused.

Really ,I know and don't know what to buy(want all):))) but i have made my combination of the most interesting items.First i want to ask you something?On what reminds you a new collection?
They are inspired with classic men's tailoring,but with a small dose of femininity.Dominated by gray, black and white.
And when it comes sunglasses,those are perfect for my identity & style.You can wear them in everything  and anything.

Also i know you can't wait for Isabel Marant boots,that are stunning,but mango gives you the same opportunity and more at reasonable prices.Am I right?

                              What do you like of new Mango collection?Can't wait to hear that!?



  1. Love the metallic shoulder bag! :)

    Visit my blog: I AM JENNIYA

  2. Jaooooo,super post.Meni se najvise svidjaju cizme <3 <3

  3. I love the first combination <3

  4. Ne znam sta bih prije izabrala hm... najvjerovatnije cizme,suknju i sako

  5. i zaboravih da bih naocale i ogrlicu <3

  6. SVE SVE !!!


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