Friday, June 7, 2013

Every Shoes tells a Story

new baby

new baby

new baby

                                                                      Shoes / Modepark Röther (Holly's)

I have to say we women,girls spend most of our waking lives in shoes and from them we may learn something about ourselves.What do you think is this true? Yes,of course,it's begins with me.I don't want to wear every shoes,because they are not my style and character.So this is my story!In few days ago,when i was in Modepark Röther,just to see what's new in sale(cause there is always sale) and i saw this beauty's screaming buy me,buy me :))) and that's happened.But you have to admit they are speaking more deeper story.Only you need to take a look closer and tell me what they are saying to you??

                                                                    Happy weekend Fashionistas!

                                                                         XOXO I.


  1. ljubomornaaa saam!!!!!!!!!!
    maznut cu ti ih da znas :D predivne su :)

  2. Ooo, divneee, jedva cekam da ih vidim u kombinaciji ;) :*******

  3. Zaista su lijepe i neobicne :) Cekam da ih vidim u akciji :)

  4. Wooooow,kako su predivne.Jos vise mi se svidja kako si ti napisala da svake cipele ima svoju pricu.
    A jedva cekam kako ce ih iskombinovati.<3


  5. Wonderful story about shoes.Just love your blog!xx

  6. Jao, kako su lijepe ove cipelice... :)

  7. Odlicne su! Jedva cekam da vidim kako ces ih nositi :*

  8. Thank you all for a lovely comments <3


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