Tuesday, June 4, 2013

5 min. with / Simona Mar

As you probably know most important label in my blog is Interview and I'm thankful to all blogger,web founders...for making my blog interesting.
So today is another charismatic fashion blogger,let's meet her!

TCO :  Can you tell to my readers about yourself?
SM :  My name is Simona Mar, I'm Romanian and I live in the UK. I designed clothes since I was 16 and I currently design jewellery. Although I went to Law school, creativity took over my life and I followed another path. I designed for a small company in Romania years ago and stopped when I moved to the UK. I have a huge urge for design and that's why I feel like little projects like jewellery help me feed my passion over and over again. I'm building up my collection right now and some of my designs are already up for sale.

TCO : How would you describe your personal style?
SM :  I'm versatile and my style depends on my mood, the seasons and location, from mostly bohemian in S/S time to minimal or sporty chic in A/W. 


TCO : Why did you decide to make a fashion blog?
SM :  I must say I wasn't so sure about the purpose, it felt like I got so much inspiration from other blogger that I wanted to share something back.  Probably I wanted to see how I'm doing, where this is going to lead and start sharing my own designs at some point. 

TCO : What do you think why your blog has a unique content that people have to follow you?
SM Uniqueness has always been one of the characteristics I wanted to achieve through my life and that's why I started to make my own attire from a small age as I wanted to be different. I don't know how much that shows in my blog but I believe if someone feels inspired it will follow. 

TCO : .Who are some of your favorite designers?
SMI like too many, for different reasons but I love Italian designers, I find them the most exciting and inspiring.


TCO : .What are some of your favorite clothing store / website?
SM Living in a small town made me do a lot of online shopping and I shop from all over the place but I prefer Free People, ASOS, River Island, All Saints, Anthropology and Topshop. I'm also a bargain hunter and I adore vintage stuff so I could walk for miles in markets to check everything there is to see. 

TCO : .What matters to you most as a fashion blogger?
SM:  To inspire someone, somewhere and the reactions are the most fulfilling, it keeps you going.

TCO : Can you tell some advice or message to my readers?
SM Remain authentic no matter what! Find your own style, stick to it, be natural and comfortable with what you wear, but don't get lazy! The clothes say much about you and that's how you present yourself every step you make. :)

Thank you for your time Simona.And my lovely readers follow her blog http://www.simonamar.com/ you won't regret ;)


                                                           Till next interview!

                                                                  XOXO I.


  1. Odlicno izgleda, i ovog puta bravo za tebe na izboru :*********

  2. Cool cura,svidja mi se ovaj njen stil,ima svega i svacega a sve super uklopi :)

  3. Hvala na otkricu :) Super post!

  4. Thank you Ilvana! Hug! :)

    Simona Mar

  5. Thanks for commenting on my blog:) I'm following you. Hope you follow back ;) Have a nice day :)

  6. oh wow I love her style !

  7. Thanks! I'm following you now;))

    I love your lovely blog*!!


  8. Great inspo photos :)

  9. Wow she has a really nice style! Lovely post! I'm following now on GFC. I hope you have a look at my blog too and follow if you like it :)

  10. She has great style!

    xo Jennifer



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