Monday, May 6, 2013

Who What Wear Office Tour

Who What Wear habituallychic 201

Who What Wear habituallychic 212

Who What Wear habituallychic 202

Who What Wear habituallychic 214

Who What Wear habituallychic 228


Who What Wear habituallychic 257

Who What Wear habituallychic 241

Who What Wear habituallychic 249

Who What Wear habituallychic 268

Hi Fashionistas! When i started to read this book-What to Wear,Where  i made some search  and founded wonderful,pictures of their office and wanted to share with you.Also you can see it a  love for fashion and style.I have to admit,i got a lot of inspiration and i think you'll fins some too. .Isn't perfect place for work?

                                                                 Happy Monday!

                                                                     XOXO I.


  1. Baš sam tražila ideju za kvaliteno štivo :)
    A koliko torbi na jednom mjestu... Juuuuu

  2. divne slikice :) svaki detalj mi se svidja :*

  3. Sto bih ja ovdje voljela raditi :)) super slike <3


  4. I love those girls,they have so much inspiration.Nice post! xxx

  5. Omg, kakve fotke, i prostor, ajmeee, zelim sve ovo u svom domu :/
    Prekrasan post, previse inspiracije, bacam se na uredjivanje ;)
    Ljub teeee :*********

  6. pogledaj samo taj raj na zemlji! torbee <3 odličan post!


  7. Bozanstveno! Odusevljena sam :)

  8. OMG I want to work there!!! What a fun and beautiful place!

  9. this place is super! pure love

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