Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Leopard print never OUT in Fashion

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the charismatic one

thze charismatic one

the charismatic one

the charismatic one


Did you realized thaat leopard print is always IN.You can combine in every  pieces of your clothes.
When i´m buying a purchaces and i see a leopard print,i always say: I can´t get enough of it"!
You can wear it in casual look,work,date,for work...
So i´m showing you my combination for "meeting with girls" This is simply matchy-match,which i love it.
And also want to show you a video "How to get a flirty look" from The Glamurai

The charismatic one

What you think about leopard print and do you have any purchaces in that lovely print?
Do you like my combination?

                          with love,


  1. Uhh pravo u srce,luda sam za leopardom,suknja je divna!

  2. Odlicna je kombinacija.
    Nisam neki fan lavova, tigrova i tih leopard-printova al izgleda da moram sebi nabaviti neki komad.
    Super mi je i "how they wore it" sekcija!!!

  3. Odlicna suknja i super ti stoji!
    I cipele mi se jako svidjaju:))

  4. Super print!Zna izgledati jeftino,ali kad neko zna da ga nosi,izgleda chic!Bravo!;)


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