Monday, November 12, 2012

DIY / Similarly like M.Martin Margiela

                                                                 Bonjour Ă  tous!

  I hope you had great weekend.New inspiration,new DIY.Probably you asking yourself what is this ? :)))
Well,This was chalange for me,but it worked!
On november will be available Collection in H&M,but i´ve decided to make my own top,similar like he designed.

What you need: -T shirt ( i´ve used turtleneck )
                        - scissors
                        - Black materijal ( Stretch) and bra patent
                        - sew machine or Needle and thread for hand sewing
By the way,Mr. Margiela and me celebrating  same birthday.If you are interesting which one is,just go on wikipedie. :)))
So you asking yourself how to do it now this DIY,?It´s simple,when you make a bra patent,put on your t-shirt and sew it,
You will see it in my "look of the day" combination with this DIY.

What you think about this DIY?

                    Happy monday,



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