Saturday, October 20, 2012

Inspiration / The Turban

        Bonjour a tous!

As you now see, how celebirty wear turban,so it´s inspiration for me today.
Are you fans of the turban?  Turbans are usually worn as customary headwear, usually by men, ,in many communities in India,Afghanistan.But today turban is important fashion accessoriese in fashion world.
Are you already got this season? If not,you can also DIY turban ,see here or go on first store and buy it.

Happy weekend, 


  1. Odlicni su. Dobra ideja za nadolazecu zimu :)


  2. turbani su zakon, love it .***

  3. Odavno zeim jedan, tako su zenstveni i posebni!

  4. this would be a daring look for me, i love it, but not sure if i can pull it off. maybe it depends on the outfit to wear it with?


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