Monday, September 3, 2012

DIY / Glass Bracelet

                                                                               Bonjour a tous!

                     Completed bracelet

This is the last week in Bosnia and DIY :( . 3 weeks have passed quickly.and summer goes slowly.
In Rosenhmu awaits me rain, cold wind and everything fitting Bayern. 
For this DIY you need elastic thread and glass beads (if i can say beads).Very easy to make.
Just putting elastic thread through the holes and  made a hard knot that keeps the bracelet.
Also i want to say I started packing my things, but it will be an outfit post ;)
Tell me do you like this bracelet?

with love,


  1. Bas super, samo en znam gdjej da nabavim ova stakalca.

    ps Mislim da je sigurno super u Bayernu, zelja mi je da ga posjetim.


  2. Stakalca imas kupiti u jewelry store.
    A Bayern je interesantna pokrajina,ako budes nekad htjela doci u Minhen ili neki drugi grad u Bayernu,bujrum kod mene u Rosenheim,voljela bih bas da se upoznamo :-*

  3. you impress me with DIY projects every time! how talented are you, girl! I love love this bracelet!!


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