Friday, July 20, 2012

New in my closet

                                                                 Bonjour a tous!

Bag / Pikard

Sunglasses / Takko

bracelet / Orsay

bracelet with the initials of the blog / orsay

bracelet / orsay

peplum top / H&M

It´s friday finally,my trip to Bosnia is closer.The list of gifts for family and friends was completed,so back in shopping.
As you can see what i bought last weekend,it´s really  fun to go shopping with my  daughter ,even she is year and half old,she will be like me.Shoppingholic :))))
But most glad I found a bracelet with the initials of the blog, My brand!

So what do you like most?

Enjoy your weekend and happy Friday, 



  1. I love the shoes, the bag and the sunglasses... really great things in your closet!!!

  2. Vielen dank für deinen kommentar,du bist so nett

  3. Cipelice su predivne. Savrsene.
    A u ovaj ruzicasti top sam se skroooz zaljubila :)


  4. Hvala Midheta i ja sam se zaljubila cim sam je ugledala i morala sam je kupiti iste sekunde :))

  5. Cipelice,cipelice,cipelice :D super su stvarčice ..


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