Saturday, July 14, 2012

Creative workspace

                                                                        Bonjour a tous!

Are you fashion blogger or editor of some fashion magazine or fashion designer?
Some of them have similar your own office where they get inspiration.
So this pictures are inspiration for me to write a good article and after blogging it´s perfect to drink coffe and read a magazine and relaxed.
Also you can see the office from the movie `Devil Wears Prada`so sofiticated and organized.
I´m still working to make my wardrobe-office,but that will happen after holiday.
Now I collect pictures from magazines and assemble a wall in my Inspiration,that´s first step .
Matching a colours,to look positive and inspiring just like this.

How your style office look like when you write a post?

with love,


  1. Prekrasno mi je sve...ja sam dupla Vaga i volim da je sve oko mene lijepo :) a u svim ovim prostorima bih definitivno uživala!!!

  2. Moj favorit su prva i zadnja "kancelarij" uživam u kreativnom neredu!

  3. aaa ne znam jesi li kada gledala ugly betty pa vidjela ured od wilhelmine, san snovaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


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