Thursday, June 28, 2012

Inspiration / Miranda Kerr

                                                                                Bonjour a tous!

As you can see today is my inspiration stylequeen a Australien model Miranda Kerr.
Probably you know that she is the first Austrelien model who participate in the Victoria´s Secret campaign and to not forget she is married to english actor Orlando Bloom.
In my taste she has that charisma,so special beuty.
You can see the  perfect figure after birth her son,actually i did some research about how she keeps her body fit and here are some of the answers:
- She is doing every morning a yoga,pilates and meditate. And they are her secrets about body fit.
In the last picture you can see her favour bag from Louis Vuitton.
I´m fan of LV i got it tipical bag from my hubby for  1 anniversary .
Also to mention that after Heidi Klum and Karolina Kurkova she is best paid top model.

if you have something to tell about Miranda Kerr,just let me know ;)

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  1. Hajde što je presltka, ali što je stajliš smao tako :)
    Figura kao da nije ni rodila..svaka joj čast :D

  2. jesi li vidjela draga Lejla :)))

    By the way meni je bas inspiritivna ;)

  3. She's so beautiful and pretty :)


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