Monday, June 4, 2012

DIY / Glassy neon bracelet

                                                                                Hi everyone!

It´s DIY time!How was your weekend? Mine is over very quickly.On Saturday I went to Munich with my husband and friends in shopping:)) and in the next post will show you what i bought.
Besides clothes and detail, and I bought the material for todays DIY.

Only you need :  Colorless beads (6 small and 6 large)
                              Neon green beads   ( 4 small)
                             neon rose beads ( 4 small)
 and                      neon rose  ( 1 large)    and elastic thread

  This looks like when is completed
this how looks like on my hand <3

                    The way you can make it!

Enjoy your day,with love


Thank you sooo much for reading my blog,you make me happy.And i
hope you understand that i won´t allow any offensive or unobjective comments.
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I heart you

with love,Ilvana

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