Monday, June 18, 2012

DIY / Feather earings

   Completed earings
wrap the wire around the feathers

First i have made a hook,

Before i connect the feathers,i first made the earings

                                                                                        Hi everyone!

Aaaah finally monday! How was your weekend? And finally sunny,i feel more better,The sun is my battery
charger. :)))
DIY! Really i cant wait to wear it.
A long time i want to make them,but always another idea arises.
So here you need :

TOOLS :  1. round pliers
                  2. cutter

MATERIALS : 1. Beads
                          2. earings hook
                          4. feathers

 It is easy to make it and if you did,you can share your DIY feather earings on my facebook page
With love , 


  1. joj kako je super moram ovo jednom probati kad se nakanim :D

  2. Hvalaa :D nije tesko napraviti,mozda u sljedecem postu bude u giveaway ;)

    Thanx angie ;) xoxo

  3. Super su...možda bi ja to i probala ali sa alatom i materijalom sam na totalnoj nuli :)

  4. Hvala ti Emice!

    Ducili,vrlo su jednostavne za napraviti,a sto se tice alata mozes naci u OBI-ju.

  5. super cute! im amazed that you make things on your own- great job! :)


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