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TCO talk with / Kaitlyn Pierce

                                                                            Hi everyone!

Today is very,very special and charismatic guest in my blog.
Do you know about Blog Trend? i will tell you:

Blog trends is an informative,nurturing and approachable community resource for beuty,lifestyle &
fashion bloggers of all backgrounds and skills.

Here is a founder of Blog Trends:

ME: Hi dear! Can you tell to my readers about yourself?
Kaitlyn :  My name is Kaitlyn Pierce, I have been blogging and building websites since I was about 12 years old. I have always had a blog and I have made some amazing connections through it. I am a social media manager and the founder of
 When I am not helping our clients at Studio Two with this social media and websites I am working on growing Blog Trends into an even more connected and resourceful blogging network.

Me: When did you decite that you want to be part of Blog Trends team?
K :  As the founder of Blog Trends the idea came to me after realizing how much I had learned from participating in some other great Twitter chats focused specifically on social media and business. I realized that there really wasn't anything like that specifically for the fashion, beauty, & lifestyle bloggers so I started brainstorming a hashtag and #BlogTrends was born. From there it has grown and so has the Blog Trends team, it's been an amazing 6 months!
     Kaitlyn Pierce (left)
Me :   Do you have any plans in future with website?
K.   Blog Trends is all about promoting and supporting each other. We hope that all of the Blog Trends members will be able to discover new blogs, collaborate with one another, and find new inspiration. One of the ways we promote our members is by encouraging them to connect their blogs to their profiles so a link to all of their new posts display in the Blog Trends activity. As we continue to grow it would be lots of fun to have a blogger of the week or month, stay tuned!

Me :   What can you recommend to my readers?
K : Blog Trends is made up of some amazing bloggers from around the world! We are focused on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle bloggers but we welcome any blogger that wants to network. We hold a weekly Twitter chat on Monday night's where we talk about a variety of topics related to all things blogging. You can read more about some of the benefits of becoming a Blog Trends member on our member page I am so grateful to all of the Blog Trends members, everyone has so much insight and willingness to share with the community. They are what make Blog Trends so amazing!

Thank you soo much for your time ,i love Blog trends and i´m really happy to be part of it.
Only i can recommend join in the Blog Trends.

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