Monday, May 28, 2012

DIY / "Love" necklace

                                                                               Hi everyone!

So sorry i couldnt write a post,couse i had a lot of stuff do at home.It´s not easy write a post and have a very energy power girl :))

Today is DIY Love Necklace which i love it sooo much.Really cool.
My sister in Bosnia said:Ilvana i wanna it too.
It is very easy to make:

 So you need: A wire,cutter and round pliers

   and with a hands make a word: Love

and the end put a chain

with love,


  1. Predivno. Odavno mislim napraviti jednu ovakvu, samo sa manjim slovima :)

  2. You're a genius :D
    Love it :D

  3. imam ovakvu samo s mojim imenom...:)...preslatka je...

  4. Super urađeno :) Baš mi se dopada :)

    Mia :*

  5. Baš super DIY projekat :)...sviđa mi se što se mogu dodati različiti privjesci!!!

  6. so beautiful, love it!

  7. Jaooo <3

    Sad ću imati ogrlicu kao Carrey B. iz Sex & the City

  8. Hvala vam drage moje.Vec odavno imam u planu da napravim ovu ogrlicu i napokon evo je :).
    Uradila sam jos neke dorade pa cete vidjeti sutra sliku.A moze se i sa imenima napraviti kao sto Daca ima.

    Thank you Feh and Yuli ;)


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