Monday, May 7, 2012

DIY/ Friendship bracelet ( turquoise hearts)

                                                                         Hi everyone!

Happy monday! I hope you enjoyed in the weekend. I am :))
Every girl have a friendship bracelet( should have) on your own creative way.
I have! My girlfriends told me to show you in blog DIY post.
That turquoise herats means a lot,so here is steps that you can make it too.
Just follow me and enjoy in the friendship;)

You need:

Than, make a knot with gold wire and wrap 4 times.

    so putting 2 turquoise beads and wrap 4 times again
 and agai put 2 turquoise beads
    In the end, the rest of gold wire wrap strongly and it´s finished.

By the way here i´m wore this bracelet
  with love,


  1. thats cute, doesnt seem hard to make ;D


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