Monday, April 2, 2012

look of the day / only you can reconize me in red

                                                            Hi everyone!

Yesterday,i went for my shooting for blog and i can say i´m glad that i did before raining in afternoon.
It was a lot of fun,i wore my best pieces of clothes,i felt just me:))
Also i had a lot of ideas,but my the best photograph ( my husband) said: OK Ilvana first photo shooting than you do later with your idaes.:))
So i´ll tell you just a little bit ,so i made my favourit neckless and it´s so easy that you can make yourself too.
About that will be in my next post.

Here is my outfits:

       You can run,but you can´t hide :))

with love ,Ilvana



Thank you sooo much for reading my blog,you make me happy.And i
hope you understand that i won´t allow any offensive or unobjective comments.
Any other comments are welcome. If you have any questions just send me email
I heart you

with love,Ilvana

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