Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The joy of shoes

                                                                       Hi everyone!

Althought it is now quite bleak weather,i´m in the mood of wonderful shoes.
I´ll show you my story about shoes and want to show you some of my newtest collection.
My favour store where i´m buying a shoes is Deichman where you can see here, so comfortable,
Prices are excellent and not expensive.I think everyone can afford.
This is my shoes for long walk :)

 "We wear our hearts on our soles" which i belive in that.:))
Shoes are the best indicator of how people are feeling ,of course when you going for a shopping every shoes tells a story.
When i sow them,my heart start beating fast and immediately think of the 1000 combination.
Also shoes speak of status ,gender,ethnicity,religion,proffesion.

                      This i wore on my birthday,so comfortable( i love them )

    The new one from Deichman

   And in the next post i´ll share another story from my favorite patches ;)

Enjoy reading,ilvana


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