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Interview / Taida Nazraic

                                                                            Hi everyone!

My 2nd blogger guest is a very charismatic Taida from Angelica.  It was really great to talk to her about blog,fashion..

Me: Hi dear! Can you tell a little bit about yourself to my readers?
T: Hello there! This is the hardest part of me,to tell a little bit about myself.
I´ll mention just the most important things that i find worth mentioning.I´m stident at the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo,at English department. I´m also a founder of the band nd singer.
I´m the person of thousend hobbies and one of them are modelling and photography.
I also do make up since high school,for my friends .I love nature and cooking.Art is my passion and something worth living for .In the free time i design clothes and make accessories.I´m very honest and stubborn.
My greatest wish is to become fashion designer for fairytale movies and to do anything that is connected to costimography,make up and art generaly.I said that is hardest part.I´ve got a lot to say.  

Me:  wooow you have so interesting a Bio.Your blog is so inspiring,what is your secret and where do you find inspiration?
T : Hm.i think there is no secret in anything at all.The most beutiful things happen without a reason and spontaneously.That happen to my blog and i´m glad it is inspiration for people.
Since my early childhood i showed my passion for modelling and photography.I collected my pictures from high school ,till today.And all of them are posted on my blog. The difference between the pictures from high school is that actually didn´t even knew what blog is and still i was modelling almost every day.
I enjoyed it. Combining different pieces of clothes together retouching pictures,etc
And then 2 and half years ago i decided to open the blog. In the beginning i posted pictures that not present at that time but earlier outfits.And i didn´t think it will get any comments or anything similar.
I didn´t follow any blog and looked at their style and got inspired.i simply followd my heart.
My style is my soul reflection.I´m so glad about the feedback.i get now and that my blog achieved that much.To cut the story the main inspiration for me are MUCIC and movies (phantasy ones maily)

Me: About fashion who are your favourite designers?
T: Tough one i discovered a lot these days.But i´ll stay true to the ones i loved for such a long time.Coco Chanel,alexander McQueen,Elie Saab,Chloe,Dior,Viviene Westwood and at the moment Ulyana Segeenko.

Me : What do you love most about blogging?
T:  I love the fact that you have virtual friends that appreciate your style and understand the soul of your main reasins for loving fashion.That you make up in the morning and read comments that makes you smile,that feeling when someone says Oh,your blog inspired me to make this or that :))That´s great.sharing the same opinions and thoughts.

Me:  And in the end,can you tell some advice about blogging?
T :  My advice ,not only for blogging,but generally: Be yourself,as everybody else is already taken! No matter if you don´t get feedback at the beginning and if people don´t like your style.It´s not important as long as you feel comfortable in it and yourself.I hate the fact that some popular blogs inspired tons and tons of bloggers to make the same ones.Whas the point? Just follow your heart and try not to copy outfits you see from someone else.You will never succeed that way.Becouse if you want to stay out from others and make your blog and style famous,just be yourself no one is the same..I faced some negative comments about style,but i continued with it.I didn´t care.I never cared what others think,so may you do the same.Best wishes to you and your lovely blog.Kisses


 Thank you sooooooo much for answering to all my questions and it was my pleasure to meet you.

My charismatic readers i suggesting you to visit this blog Here



  1. Odličan intervju, Taidu već dugo pratimo i sve što je rekla baš je opisuje u pravom svjetlu.. :) tako je lijepo znati nešto više o ljudima koje gledaš na slikama svakodnevno i kada pročitam neki sličan intervju pomislim u sebi pa mogla sam pogoditi da je tako..:)

    Edina :*

  2. Hvala.Ona je jako karizmaticna osoba i drago mi je sto je pratim i sto je open mind djevojka.Bilo mi je veliko zadovoljstvo je imati u svom blogu.

    pozdrav i vama ;)

  3. Hvala vam na komentarima:) Evo tek videh da si stavila intervju..jao, jako sam se iznervirala zbog gramatičkih grešaka, verovatno dok si brzo prekucavala odgovore koje sam ti poslala, nisi ni obraćala paznju:)
    Ali nema veze:))
    Hvala još jednom na pitanjima! Bilo mi je jako drago odgovoriti na njih!

  4. Nema na cemu.Nemoj se nervirati,svi grijesimo.Super je text i meni se jako svidja tvoja biografija i sto si svestrana.;)

  5. Super interview :) Taida je predivna i pre svega veoma inspirativna <3

  6. Hvala puno! i u pravu si jako je inspiritivna.

    pozdrav ;)

  7. She has such a way with fashion and I can see a character in every outfit. Great interview. She seems to be very talented and destined for great things, or at least happiness :)


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