Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Inspiration / Rachel Zoe

                                                              Hi everyone!

This week is so inspirational,have a lot of post to write(to show you),have a lot of orders of my jewelary,keeping in touch to another bloggers for interviews.
So today my inspiration is my favourit stylist Rachel Zoe.She is so creative,even she desiged her own collection and i want to say it´s really good.
i will love to have some of her patches.
Also i´m following her blog,if you want to follow her( if you like it) check Here
I have readed what she said in one article " Basic items and basic colors are not for her and that she wants that we follow the same"
Well i think no one want to be like some celebirty,i love her and her style but i have my own ruls.
Now i´m still making some spaces in my closet( office and closet together) a have a big list of stuff to buy.
making my own empire!!
About accessories Rachel says: a boldly-coloured cocktail ring is what we all need to own.
So what you think about this ring?

I can say i love it.i love the flowers and colours.

   So that´s gonna be it!
I wish you a great day and enjoy in reading.



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hope you understand that i won´t allow any offensive or unobjective comments.
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I heart you

with love,Ilvana

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